A Hiatus of Sorts


Summer is just too crazy to try and keep up with a public personal blog…especially one that (for me) doesn’t have any real direction. I am currently pouring all of my energy after working hours into making freelance remote work my full time gig. In Minnesota, summer is too short and too beautiful to keep spending 45+ hours a week indoors.

Plus, the world is too large, and I’ve only seen a small fraction of it in my 30 years. I know it is a dream that many of us have, to travel the world and still make ends meet to pay the bills (pesky student loans that will follow me to the grave, no doubt…) while experiencing new places and having lots of adventures. It is a dream that calls to me ever more frequently when the weather is nice, and I feel like I have got to try, whether I fail or succeed. That way, at least I can say I tried, instead of standing still where I am, comfortable with my existence, and wondering, “What if…?”

What if I lived in Paris for a year?

What if I taught English in Japan for a semester?

What if I island-hopped in the Philippines for six months?

What if I lived in a shack on the beach in Central America?

What if…what if, indeed.

Long story short, I may not be around on jesspants.com much in the coming weeks. Keep a tight leash on the internets for me, kids.